• VSOR/12


This wonderful amber rum is the perfect marriage of smooth and sweet. COCKSPUR Fine Rum is a gently aged rum that starts off with a distinct brown sugar taste then develops into a smooth, round, buttery blend that leaves a warm, spicy oak taste on the palate. This versatile con-cock-tion is just what you need to start your next epic adventure. Try it straight up, on the rocks or with any mixer you can think of.

Available in the Caribbean, US, Canada, UK, Bermuda, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, and The Netherlands


COCKSPUR Old Gold is an impeccable blend, made using a generous helping of pure, light-bodied rum and a hint of full-bodied pot still rum. This beautiful, dark-golden rum is characterized by its sweet, silky, smooth flavor that leaves a wonderful oak taste on the palate.

But that's not all. Yes, the taste and colour are perfect, but we created COCKSPUR Old Gold to be a treat for all of the senses. That's why the scent of cream, vanilla and honey come together to create a heady, irresistible aroma.

Enjoy COCKSPUR Old Gold with Cola or on the rocks.

Available in the Caribbean and Bermuda


We find it hard to do anything halfway. So when we make our Very Special Old Reserve blend, we really go all out. We wanted it to be rich, have a great body, a nice smell, an exceptional taste and leave a nice feeling in your mouth. It was not easy, but we managed to get it done. This well-aged, premium rum has it all - a beautiful mahogany colour, a lovely toffee, vanilla and oak aroma, a taste suggestive of bourbon and vanilla and a warm oak aftertaste. Yes, it is hard work and takes time… but it is worth it.

* Known as COCKSPUR 12 in select markets.

Available in the Caribbean, US, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, and The Netherlands


Our delectable Rum Punch is a thoroughly seductive blend of tropical fruit juices which are infused with a generous helping of COCKSPUR Rum. COCKSPUR Rum Punch takes your taste buds on an amazing roller coast ride: tropical juices give you the sweet, juicy taste that you love while the rum adds the great flavour that you want.

Available in the Caribbean and Bermuda


COCKSPUR Spiced is an amazingly versatile blend that brings you the true taste of the Caribbean. This beautiful amber coloured rum is paired with exotic spices that come together to create an enticing, aromatic blend that is amazingly matched with almost any chaser due to its great mixability. Try COCKSPUR Spiced with your choice of any citrus flavoured drink.

Available in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and UK


COCKSPUR Falernum is the ultimate go-to Barbadian accessory for your perfect cocktail. We steep only the finest Caribbean spices and allow the enchanting flavours to marry using a time-honoured tradition that has been a Barbadian secret for over 100 years. We then add the freshest lime juice to create our deliciously sweet, slightly spicy Falernum that has been an island favourite for generations. Try Cockspur Falernum to make a tried and true Barbadian favourite like Cockspur Corn & Oil or get creative and make your own signature island cocktail.

Available in the Caribbean and Bermuda


Colour: Water white and crystal clear.

Aroma: Concentrated white rum at barreling strength. Clean, fresh and crisp with impactful butter rum and tropical fruit notes.

Body: Sweet and spirit with some spicy heat.

Taste: Dry and spirit-like with fruity rum notes. Fruit and spice. Fresh and clean.

Finish: Fiery and spirit-like with warm spicy rum notes.

Available in Barbados and the US.


Colour: Water white and crystal clear.

Aroma: Fresh ripe pineapple greets the nose followed by a creamy layer of sweet island coconut. The premium light COCKSPUR Rum base brings everything together in sun-splashed harmony.

Body: Full and round rummy smooth fruit.

Taste: Juicy sweet flavours of pineapple and coconut explode in the mouth.Light COCKSPUR Rum brings balance and a refreshing mild rum kick to this exotic Barbados delight.

Finish: Warm, lingering aftertaste of rum infused tropical island fruits.

Available in Barbados


Colour: Water white and crystal clear.

Aroma: Crisp unripened green apple fruit fills the senses with thoughts of cool autumn nights.Cockspur light rum brings a spirit-y freshness to this clean and crisp expression of Northern fruit.

Body: Rummy smooth with clean and refreshing green fruit.

Taste: Juicy natural green crisp apple dominates up-front with classic COCKSPUR Rum filling the background. Exotic tropical rum greets autumn green apple with an exciting splash of flavour.

Finish: Delicate light rum and the essence of fresh green apple lingers on and on.

Available in Barbados